When can I take a pregnancy test (serum human chorionic gonadotropin or home urine test)?


The hCG hormone is synthesized only by the cells of the embryo. The earliest when the most sensitive test (serum /3-hCG quantitative test 1st) can detect an increase in blood hCG levels is 10 days after ovulation, provided that you did not take hCG injections to support pregnancy. Very sensitive urine tests show pregnancy on the 12th day after ovulation. The level of hCG in the blood is the most reliable test. Any value above 5 mIU/mL is usually considered a positive result, and a retest 2 days later should be almost twice as high. The “average” hCG value on the 10th day after ovulation is approximately 25 mIU / ml, on the 12th day – 50 mIU / ml, on the 14th day – 100 mIU / ml. Note that there is a difference between a qualitative and a quantitative method. A qualitative test gives a yes or no answer. The result of a qualitative test is positive if the hCG level is above 50 mIU / ml. A quantitative test determines the amount of pregnancy hormone in the blood. It gives a specific value, and any value above 5 mIU/ml is read positive. Given that late implantation is possible (before 10 days after ovulation), the /3-hCG test may give a false negative result if used as an early pregnancy test.