Doctor, I’ve been putting off planning my motherhood for years now. I want and want everything, but due to social factors I can’t afford it. Now I really worry about whether I can give birth physically at all, I went for an intravaginal ultrasound, and there they told me that the endometrium was very thin. Doctor, tell me, can I make it with carrying the child? Such is my test from heaven. (Kroosha, Kingdom of Nepal)


Dear Kroosha, you are already on the right track, once you have decided to prepare for motherhood. The first step is done – you passed the ultrasound. You made sure that there are no special problems. There is a nuance – a thin endometrium. This is a dynamic indicator. It can change from cycle to cycle. You need to check again in 2-3 months. While it is necessary to normalize the regimen, sleep for 8 hours, increase nutrition with protein dishes and microelements, walk in the fresh air and practice women’s yoga. Also schedule a comprehensive check-up with your doctor. Then you can plan ahead. And everything will work out.