I am 39 years old, I have not been able to get pregnant for a long time and do not know what to do. Everything seems to be fine with health, but I can not understand what is the reason. I feel that in a couple of years all my ovarian reserve will be exhausted and time will go nowhere. Doctor Help (Jane, Kentucky, USA)


Dear Jane, thank you for your frankness. Sincerely, as a mother of two children and your age, I understand your concern. The first thing we will need to do with you is to analyze your complete hormonal picture and perform an abdominal ultrasound and preferably an intravaginal ultrasound in our clinic. Try if you can get a detailed analysis of your karyotype and an extract from your family doctor about the presence or absence of any chronic diseases. What medications do you usually take? All this is very important.

But don’t worry everything will be fine. Please send your overall picture to our email for Petro, we will deal with your case and begin to draw up individual work for you and a mandatory coaching program, during which we will conduct the first online consultation first with you, and then together with your husband. Everything will be fine! Believe me, there is no absolute infertility with contemporary achiements of reproductive medicine. Kind regards,

Dr. Olena Mozgova