Hello, 8 years ago I met a guy, we traveled a lot together and naturally started living together as husband and wife. But I already feel that it’s time to get pregnant, I want to have a baby and be a mother, but he categorically refuses. I’m just desperate, I don’t even know what to do… (Serenita, Lesotho)


Good time of the day and Merry Christmas, thank you for following us. That is a very familiar situation for many couples, where at least one of the partners is not ready to take on the functions of fatherhood or motherhood. In practice, many women simply cry quietly into the pillow and take such a categorical position for a fateful fate.

Perhaps it makes sense to understand the reasons for this position of your partner or his feelings about it. You have a very interesting situation. Come to us for an individual consultation together, we will definitely help you and will be happy to explain how harmonious and positive and balanced your family happiness can become if the gift of life miraculously shares your sincere love. We will do our best to help you relieve this tension.