I’m afraid to push myself together with my motivation to live and move on after a difficult childless divorce. For 12 years, my ex-husband told me: I don’t want children. And in the thirteenth year, I just broke down. Cry of the soul, Petro, I want to be a mother, and my internal female alarm clock is ticking, and all that remains for me is to move forward. But ahead is somehow scary and the world is not very calm in our time. Do you have any rehabilitation coaching programs for people in my category. I would very much like to attend your sessions with the doctor next year. Thank you for your attention (Paola, Costa Rica)


Dear Paola, taking control of your life is much more beneficial for you than just lying under the cover of the current of events around her. I congratulate you on the fact that a woman of our time did not give up and confidently, even through trials, moves on the path of continuing life and finding the joy of motherhood, she hears herself. Your inner voice, which resembles a child’s cry, is your true compass, but also a signal not to be ahead of events before Mother Nature has prepared, just to find peace in harmony. Only in a state of complete calmness and gratitude for the entire period passed, you will be able to consider the father of your unborn child in your chosen one, if you want to raise him in a full-fledged and socially balanced family.

Another problem is fear. Imagine that it is fear that often keeps us and protects us from everything that awaits us on the way. Heard this saying: who did not go, he did not live. To take the initiative means to accept the formula of life, since everything in this world, from the cosmos to the atoms in our cells, is in continuous and constant motion. This does not mean running away somewhere or yourself. This means I found the strength in myself to accept the challenge to live. If your batteries run out, you can recharge them and I will be very glad to take my most direct part in this. All our programs save a woman with motherhood and the original beauty given to her by Nature. All medicine on this path to preserve a healthy woman is aimed only at this. Everything is very simple, it’s easy to go, it’s easy to rejoice, it’s even easier to talk. Let’s talk. Write to me in the evening after sunset when the moon is up, we’ll talk, you can even dial me through the pink phone booth.

Take Care. Talk Soon.