Petro, hello. Thankful for this opportunity to be heard. It is very difficult for me to accept myself in the calling to be a mother. I believe that it is not fair that I was born a woman and must endure everything, from menstruation, labor pains and ending with a three-year decree without work. I just can’t get over the idea why I have to go through motherhood to be happy when there are so many beautiful things in life. I even stand on nails every day and test myself, what should I do?(Violetta, Estonia)


Dear Violetta. I, like you, had to accept a lot in this life: the scorching sun in summer, the winter frost of continental Europe, the names and fates of my ancestors and their ancestral programs, even karmic consequences up to the fifth generation, which I worked for many years, not only alone but also with my sisters and nephews, trying to find specific answers to specific questions.

I will tell you one thing for now, if you came to me as a woman, then I will immediately please you, lend me just one meeting your fear of failure and pain and allow me to address it in depth, I will also introduce to you a whole toolcase that Mother Nature Herself has already given and still sends you to help.

Everything will be as you are trying to guess right now – a happy start to your long period of a female smile. Everything will be fine. Promise.