Hello, I am 48 years old and I understand that physiologically I can no longer become a mother, it is too late, but still I would like to fill my life with something bright. Can you suggest something about this? (Dana, Romania)


Hello Dana! I have good news for you. Even in the absence of her own eggs after menopause, a woman of 60 and above can give birth to healthy twins on the donor biomaterial of one of the legal parents or program donors.

As for the maternal instinct, the latter turns on not only because you yourself gave birth to a child, but often simply from the realization that this is your long-awaited child, even if in especially difficult moments associated with infertility, the child can be born from a surrogate mother.

If we talk about your age, although of course I’m not 48, but working with older women on various programs, I can say for sure that they all try to fill their lives with something bright: who raises cats and dogs, who keeps fish in an aquarium or every in the morning there is a special meditation in your own garden or home greenhouse. Much here will depend on how you are built and what drives you to maintain harmony in this world. My one wish to you is that everything you fill this vacuum with at this stage will be as fertile as the birth of your own children, even symbolically. This is the deepest and most intimate meaning for me personally. Please stay close to life.