After a gynecological examination, my doctor said that everything is absolutely fine with me. Do I need to carry out any additional examinations to determine why I cannot get pregnant? My husband and I have regular sex, we are both healthy, I have regular periods. However, I still haven’t been able to get pregnant. Please advise what to do. (Marina, Bulgaria)


Routine gynecological examination does not provide information about many possible causes of infertility. It is impossible to determine the cause of infertility before you and your husband go through all the necessary studies, such as: your husband’s spermogram, hormonal studies for the full maturation of your eggs, a study of the patency of the fallopian tubes, the condition of the uterus. Only after these studies have been carried out will your doctor be able to determine why you cannot conceive and, if necessary, refer you to a reproductive specialist who directly deals with infertility problems. Although the passage of all diagnostic procedures requires some effort from the patient, it is very important to correctly determine what the problem is in order to find the best way to solve it.