Reproductive & Juvenation Female Health Consultation (Global Collegial Online and Program Treatment Support by Dr. Olena Mozghova, Ukraine, M.D. / PhD. , UARM, ESHRE, Licensed by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine )

Welcome for the program of global medical and coaching support for women of both active reproductive and postmenopausal age. We work 24 hours a day to restore and preserve women’s health affiliated with network partner clinics and specialists in Ukraine and the rest of the consolidated European world.

What we can offer you now, which alternative to admission is online informed universally fixed low-cost counseling with FREE female coaching support and assistance in organisation of clinical treatment in the country of your residence. A high quality and competent first and second opinion related to female health. ☎️ (Whats’app and phone hotline inquiry +49 176 931 78 533) ?

At the online consultation, we are the same as at the appointment in the clinic:

✅ We will analyze all your previous analyses

✅ We will provide you with a FREE psychological and coaching support during the whole cycle of your problem solution with the life-conversation and steps-ahead advancement content.

✅ We will collect anamnesis

✅Doctor will decide on further tactics

✅Doctor will draw up a clear action plan for you regarding further analyzes and research, which will detect the problem, allow us to correct it and prepare for the next meeting with your baby?

Before online counseling, you will need to prepare all your analyzes at the moment, fill out the questionnaire and at the appointed time wait for the online meeting in a format convenient for you ?️

The program is ideal for everyone who is constantly on the move, on business trips and under stressful conditions in a foreign environment, and who does not have the strength and time to visit their doctor on their own with a physiological or psychological problem.

Program Coach and Coordinator

Petro Rybalchenko (MBA, Medicine)