We invite multidisciplinary licensed clinics and boards of European doctors, associations of gynecologists, reproductive specialists, embryologists and geneticists, women’s health centers, social funds and international organizations for work with the female population and family planning for cooperation and partnership.

Through our associate board in ESHRE and UARM, as well as specialized competent departments of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and specialized departments of Kyiv Bohomolets National Medical University, with the support of affiliated colleagues from related fields, we will also be glad to discuss and coordinate joint programs of scientific cooperation in the field of Clinical, Alternative Medicine, Reproductology, Andrology, Genetics, Embryology, Regenerative and Translational Medicine, Oncogynecology, Gynecology Surgery and Clinical Sexology, as well as Traditional Oriental Medicine with the states of China, India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and many others perspective in Asia and Africa, supported by Applied Ukrainian Orientology.

Take care of your health – the most precious free gift we naturally have.

And remember, we are always with you.

We invite clinics, doctors and specialized associations of the following countries to cooperate: