Working as active scholar members of associations of Ukrainian sinologists and orientalists, with the support of our partner network in East Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, we offer cooperation for doctors, medical centers and hospitals in Europe and North America in the field of importing advanced biomedical technologies and high-precision digitized equipment for complex operations, therapeutic protocols based on medical institutions and the organization of high-quality patient care.

For doctors who want to complete their independent or collegiate practice with affordable and high-tech equipment and inventory while building the process of providing medical services to patients, we offer consulting and negotiation support for cooperation and procurement with manufacturers and suppliers directly. Representing and protecting the interests of our clients, we work only in Oriental languages, summing up our many years of experience in working and projects, and living in the countries of the Region.

We offer cooperation in the following range of technological support for our clients and partner medical institutions:

Storage and Transport Medical Equipment

Durable Medical Equipment

Diagnostic Medical Equipment

Electronic Medical Equipment

Surgical Medical Equipment

Acute Care Materials

Procedural Medical Equipment

Treatment Equipment

Life Support Equipment

Medical Laboratory Equipment

Aviation & Resque Medical Transport Equipment

If necessary, we can provide conference support for doctors presenting their programs and scientific work in China, including speeches, reports, delegation support and publication of scientific results of doctors and doctoral collegium, bringing their work to a decent world level of development.

We invite specialists and institutions of any level to cooperate for the consolidated management of joint projects. With proposals for cooperation in this direction, please contact us by e-mail