Currently, we are primarily engaged in the development and implementation of educational and coaching programs on a professional basis, which are directly related to the issues of gynecology, family reproductive medicine, female endocrinology, sexology, maternity planning and methods of preventing early infertility against the backdrop of many factors.

Due to the fact that on the basis of modern specialized clinical bases, as a rule, there are no such projects, with the exception of the work of medical consultants and managers or interpreters, our programs contain the necessary and accessible educational and preparatory basis for the population leading to the improvement and harmonization of the female body, both with the help of medicine, as well as psychosomatically.

The Center is engaged in research and integration of practices and concepts of Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Indian Medicine as a component of Applied Oriental Studies, including the listeners for whom oriental languages and mentality are native.

In parallel with the development of the Center, we gradually acquaint all our patients and partners with the current programs and events, which will be regularly displayed on the pages of our website and announced at the meetings of our clubs.

We are well aware that on the way to healing and maintaining the social homeostasis of our listeners lies not only nature and self-care, but also possible noticeable cultural differences in approaches to the topic of fertility, sexual life completeness, motherhood and longevity. Nevertheless, we are open to almost all cultures and will be glad to exchange experience and relative concepts in the intercultural area.

We pay a special role to the psychological, coordination and social support of our female listeners, taking into account the amount of stressors that they have to face in everyday life. Therefore, it is always important for us to talk, listen and just sit heart to heart. It is this approach that underlies our main results. While stimulating fertility and developing motherhood, we remain lifelong friends of our dear women.