Butterflies of Happiness International Reproductive Coaching Center is a team synthesis of the achievements of modern Reproductology and practical humanitarian Oriental Studies of Ukraine, associated with European colleagues. For more than 7 years now, our specialists and collegiums in different countries of the world have been working on programs to work with females who, for various reasons, have hitherto found it difficult to achieve the happiness of motherhood due to various factors.

On the periphery of medical protocols of clinical gynecology, reproductive medicine and endocrinology, as well as accumulating valuable years of experience in Asia and Africa, including with representatives of the most remote civilizations for Europeans, we are paving the way to gaining female harmony, a sense of family fullness, a fulfilling sexual life , stressed motherhood, and most importantly, the prevention and diagnosis of infertility, which, unfortunately, has become very younger in our time.

The Center carries out coaching, collegial advisory and scientific and practical work with the female population in different countries of the world, involving advanced diagnostic and clinical support centers, as well as the best specialists for the treatment of serious problems.

Since we do not pursue commercial goals, all our funded coaching seminars and serial programs, participation in specialized clubs, (with the exception of specific problem-oriented affiliated medical programs at the choice of a patient), are FREE OF CHARGE and 24 / 7 / 365 uninterrupted without holidays and weekends, and therefore are available to every family in a world full of difficult trials and hardships against the background of growing emptiness, loneliness and anxiety for tomorrow of a sensitive female soul. Therefore we don’t know what it means to be tired, for our rest is people and patients we outreach to on daily basis and in different time zones.

If the river of your trials at any age is deep, fleeting and fiery, full of stressful realities and noticeably deteriorating female well-being in the absence of the necessary timely support and the presence of complex life borderline conditions associated with women’s health, family planning, building harmonious relationships with a partner and sexual life – we will definitely help, advise, consult and coordinate with psychological support your diagnosis and treatment on the basis of specialized clinics, depending on the problem.

With you in constant daily contact are staying:

Dr. Olena Mozghova, MD-PhD, UARM, ESHRE, Ukrainian Healthcare Ministry Associate, Gynecologist, Reproducrtologist Endocrynologyst & Female Surgeon, doctor of the highest category, author of methods and protocols of infertility treatment and prevention (currently practicing in Kyiv, Ukraine)

Petro Rybalchenko — Ukrainian Orientology Scholar, MBA (Medicine), Member of Ukrainian Association of Sinologists Associate, Coordinator of Reproductive & Regenerative Medical programs in Europe, Female Coach (currently practicing in Weimar, Germany).

We are daily reachable for your needs and asnwering all your related questions or help inquiry.

Thank you very much for staying with us.