Truth and Myths About Pregnancy Ultrasound (With Audiocoaching)


Determining the exact term of pregnancy during ultrasound examinations DOES NOT AFFECT the fetus.

Doctor Olena Mozghova

?There is an opinion that ultrasound during pregnancy is dangerous for the development of the embryo due to the effect of ultrasound rays.

?There is still an opinion that examination during pregnancy can be done no more than three times.

This is not true. ‼️

The main intervals during which ultrasound diagnostics must be carried out:

10-12 weeks,
20-24 weeks,
32-36 weeks.

If necessary, the study can be conducted more often, for example,

?if you want to find out the sex, but on the required day the fetus did not want to conveniently turn to the doctor.
? dynamic study of fetal organs for some time to make the presence of pathology impossible.
?additional control of the state of the placenta, the length of the cervix.

Proven fact. ?
?Ultrasound is one of the main methods of determining the presence of pregnancy,
? control of its location in the uterine cavity and
? the most accurate method of determining its term. ?
?Ultrasound diagnosis of a pregnant woman does not affect the condition of the fetus and the future health of the newborn. ?

?Pregnancy monitoring is the most accurate, safe and reliable method of determining the condition of the future baby.

So, do a pregnancy ultrasound as many times as your doctor recommends and enjoy the look of the future baby on the monitor screen. ?‍♀️

And now let`s do a little bit of coaching for your heart on the topic..

The practitioner of Dr. Olena Mozghova is examining the pregnant patient in her ultrasound room in Kyiv as a part of exam at a medical university, sounding as sure as his charming and human-passionate scientific advisor…

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