Stress and Libido (with audio coaching session)

The decrease in libido is often one of the first bells of the negative impact of stress on mental and physical health.☹️

Stress can disrupt many aspects of sexual life: sexual desire, the ability to get excited, and achieve orgasm.?

☝️Any intense experiences (fear, strong anxiety, anger) become dominant. When we don’t feel safe, the reproductive instinct recedes into the background, because an absolutely normal behavioral adaptation to stress is the activation of defenses: we need to look for a safe place or fight.

☝️Problems caused by stress: nightmares, intrusive traumatic memories, insomnia – aggravate the situation, leading to emotional exhaustion. Chronic stress leads to increased production of the hormone cortisol, which reduces libido.

?Disruptions of the menstrual cycle directly affect libido and the ability to achieve orgasm, as these processes are largely controlled by sex hormones.

?Fortunately, this problem can be fought. It is necessary to find time for rest. You can do sports, yoga, take relaxing baths and go for a massage. Roughly speaking, take time for yourself.

Closeness with your partner can help reduce stress in itself, so try to find time for it in the afternoon or in the morning (because by evening we are often too tired). The feelings that sex evokes in us: a sense of closeness, a deep connection with a partner, calm relaxation – can become our natural defense against stress.??

If there is no intimacy (perhaps it was stress that destroyed it?), or the partner is a trigger, a trigger for stressful situations, it makes sense to consult a specialist, or to reevaluate your relationship.?

Dr. Olena Mozghova

and Petro Rybalchenko


Maybe you would like to feel the vibes of our audio coaching session too? Let`s entertain ourselves even with that before going to sleep?‍♀️


This was only a short entertaining moment for a big reason to reevaluate what we allow to be in our life. Relieve yourself from stresses already today and regain the completemess of qualities.