Do you have for me your ultrasound scan?

During pregnancy planning, and even more so before ART programs, it is especially important to undergo a comprehensive examination. This applies not only to ultrasound of the pelvis, but also to the mammary and thyroid glands. ?

Does your doctor need to study?

The day as planned got prolongated into the weekend.

The next qualification upgrade is a part of working process.

On advanced training courses in ultrasound of the breast and thyroid gland.

Modern gynecologists, and especially reproductologists, have already mastered ultrasound studies a long time ago.

It is very appropriate when the reproductive specialist has the appropriate sensors for the ultrasound machine, a sufficient amount of time in the appointment, as well as the knowledge to perform all examinations at the same time. ✍️

All opportunities for obtaining and improving this knowledge are available thanks to continuous professional education activities.

“It remains to find some free time.? For example to listen to your favorite harmonious music even if it is on youtube and I haven’t heard for long live concerts but for surgery and ultrasound rooms , still spending my truly lovely evening. (Dr. Olena Mozghova)

Do you have a fresh female ultrasound to interpret for your wellness? Fresh means no later than 6 months, if you have serious questions to answer about it on consultation please send it to us with the current state of your female hormones to enable Dr. Olena Mozghova choosing the right tactics for you considering your global environment. Meanwhile you with me as your reproductive coach – let`s talk again and again about what really matters and how you daily feel.