Stress and Gynecological Deseases

How do you think? Can stress cause gynecological problems? What is the first reaction of the female body to stress?

Violation of the cycle
Exacerbation/ occurrence of inflammation

How do you think?

With what diseases
do women face most often?






Can stress cause or sharpen female diseases?

The second frequent pathology and reaction to stress is a violation of the biocenosis of the vagina.☝️

?Candida colpitis is inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina, which is caused by microscopic yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida.☝️

Scientific articles in the journal of the American Society of Microbiology Clinical and Vaccine Immunology confirm that psychological stress, especially chronic, suppresses the body’s immune defenses and contributes to the excessive reproduction of Candida fungi, as well as the activation of opportunistic flora. ☝️

And acute stress, especially with sleep disturbance and a change in diet, can provoke manifestations of candidiasis and exacerbation of chronic inflammation in the female genital organs. ☝️

?According to the magazine “Stress Health” (2019), chronic psychological stress increases the risk of uterine fibroids by 24%. And severe acute stress can accelerate the growth of uterine myoma cells and contribute to the faster growth of an already existing myoma (a benign tumor consisting of smooth muscle tissue of the uterus, which is often the cause of removal of the organ). ☝️

?Pains associated with the presence of endometriosis also become more frequent and more intense and require larger doses of painkillers if a woman is under stress.

Psychological stress, especially chronic stress, suppresses the body’s immune defenses. And acute stress with sleep disturbances and changes in diet can provoke manifestations of candidiasis, aggravation of chronic inflammation in the female genital organs, increased pain syndrome in endometriosis, and the growth of myomatous nodes. ☝️

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If you feel you are stressed very often – it’s time to check for something you would not expect in your daily life. When something goes wrong to often, do not delay to get well tested and consulted.

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