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Most women feel some discomfort before examination in the chair. Therefore, they believe that ultrasound provides answers to all questions and can replace it. ?

☝️However, chair examination and ultrasound are a complex of examinations that complement each other, but do not replace each other.

Why so?
☝️While conducting an examination, the gynecologist can see the external genitals, vagina, cervix, determine the consistency and density of the internal genitals.

☝️Ultrasound diagnostics makes it possible to conduct a full examination
?ovaries (cycle phase, presence of cysts, inflammatory processes, hormonal changes), ?uterine cavities (duplication, uterine synechiae),
?state of the endometrium and its characteristics;
?tubes (their pathological changes, as they are not visualized normally).

? The cervix is also included in the examination. The ultrasound beam makes it possible to illuminate and see with a transvaginal method (sensor in the vagina) its front, back, side wall, thanks to which we can measure its length, see cysts (Ov. Nadoti), external and internal os (their opening, ovulatory mucus), the presence of polypoid or fibromatous formations, with the help of the Doppler beam, determine the state of blood flow, which indicates possible erosion.
‼️But ultrasound rays are not able to penetrate and see changes in the mucous membrane on which pathological changes are formed.

☝️That is why examination on the chair, where the gynecologist sees the mucous surface of the cervix and colposcopy (examination under a microscope) in a complex with ultrasound will 100% create an overall picture of your gynecological health and confirm or eliminate the need for additional laboratory (hormonal or smear) examinations . ?

“How can I express to show you myself between beautiful ?!

Dr. Olena Mozghova

(Kyiv, Ukraine