On Female Surgery, Happiness & Sense of Being

When impossible and too private becomes the happiest public…

Work in the operating room requires constant attention and tension. Butt what a thrill – to remove the mask at the end of the working day. ? Especially when the day is good – three punctures with obtaining high-quality eggs and five embryo transfers. Babies-embryos in the cozy tummies of mothers will go to different parts of the world. And we will wait for good news: positive test ? (in two weeks) and photos of newborns ?? (sometime in the spring).

For more than 20 years, doctor Olena Mozghova, together with the board of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive (UARM) and  European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), has been successfully performing complex operations as a top-category gynecological surgeon on the basis of various clinics and hospitals in Kyiv, which not only treat a woman and her future generation and family. After all, her operating room first of all works a miracle when a woman can finally feel like a happy and pregnant mother with a high result. If you experience difficulties trying to get pregnant with your partner, or even on your own in rare cases, if you feel the passage of time, but you urgently need to get pregnant and enter the phase of happy motherhood physiologically and socially, we are waiting for your life history, your latest hormone tests, analysis of ultrasound intravaginal examination and description of the nature of the problem. After appropriate consultations, we will be happy to invite you to Kyiv for the program. Please send us your case HERE

Some sure time early at the dawn with sunrise …

And again I will be there for you!

Petro Rybalchenko

?Embryo transfer is the transfer of embryos into the uterine cavity.
?It is the final procedure in the cycle of infertility treatment by ART methods.

The procedure does not cause inconvenience to the patient and does not require anesthesia. Embryo transfer usually takes only a few minutes and resembles a routine gynecological examination. ?

After the manipulation, the patient needs 30 minutes of rest, after which the woman can return to everyday life, avoiding physical and emotional stress.?