How reproductologist becomes a friend and psychologist of a female patient (biographic meditation)

In primitive society, healing was considered magic. And even today, some specialties cause involuntary awe. For the doctors themselves, many hours of operations, resuscitation and the birth of new lives are everyday work. It is they who become the heroes of the project.

No fear for difficulties

Sweet smile and soothing voice. When she enters, any room becomes cozy. Under the patronage of such an obstetrician-gynecologist, giving birth is absolutely not scary. But this doctor has not given birth by herself for several years, although she remembered the first child who was born with her help for the rest of her life – it was a girl. At that moment she was captured by a storm of emotions, lady-birth admits that. However, today she has a different task – to help the birth of a small life.

She is a reproductologist, chief physician of one of the clinics network. The direction is highly specialized, but the scope of knowledge of such specialists should be very extensive.

It so happened, that she has to deal with difficult cases: older patients, after oncology. She does not refuse anyone and tries to solve various issues that are often at the intersection of specialties.

Experience and practice help here: for more than 20 years of experience, she was both an obstetrician-gynecologist and an operating surgeon in gynecology. 

Being attentive and persistent

There are many difficulties and pitfalls. For example, she has to delve into the secrets of endocrinology, to find out the features of drugs that help solve problems. She learns to provide psychological support. Of course, there are full-time psychologists in her clinic, there is a female coach with her for many years ner but the doctor and nurse are the first to communicate with a married couple who have come for in vitro fertilization. She has to get into the situation and the problems of patients. And the IVF program itself is stressful for both the woman and the couple. It also happened that the couple tried to divorce in the process – then the coach and medical staff persuaded them to wait. And, as a rule, they overcame their differences, gave birth to children. And they even came for the second and third child. What a beauty!!!

In her practice of the clinic there are such examples. It also happens that during the procedures, pregnancy occurs naturally. 

Such situations prove that doctors in her specialty should be attentive not only to medical indicators, but also to other details in the lives of patients. Factors such as stress at work can also prevent a couple from getting pregnant. Perseverance is important here. Unfortunately, pregnancy may not occur the first time, and failure should be regarded as a stage in achieving the goal.

To the patient with all her heart

As the head doctor of the clinic, she knows how to work in a team and appreciates everyone. On joint trips to nature, tea parties on the occasion of birthdays, they mainly talk about work. There are no working and non-working hours in her life – it is important to control the intake of drugs, to suggest something to patients. They call her simply because they want to talk to someone, discuss the problem.

If a woman understands what is happening to her and that she is being helped, she behaves correctly, and this is a guarantee of success.

Patients share pleasant things with her: they send her photos of children, they report about the first tooth, the first step of the baby. Pregnant women are often drawn to creativity, so the doctor is given a lot of sincere and warm souvenirs. At the entrance to the department there is a rack with many gifts made by patients. There are handmade dolls, paintings, embroideries, and knitted bears. The feelings that future mothers have invested in these little things warm and inspire her. She is aware of many events in the lives of our patients, sometimes more than relatives. She worries about everyone, it’s very difficult to switch. But the family saves. You come home and you have to solve family issues. It helps to relax together with hobbies. In the summer it is gardening: beautiful roses and exotic ferns grow in doctor`s summer garden, and a favorite holiday in winter is her embroidery and mosaic paintings. She can afford to set aside an hour for this activity, when there is a mood, she simply smiles for you…