The best age for a mother to have a baby

Reproductive health, which affects not only the increase in the birth rate, but also the health of future generations, begins with the egg. And therefore it is very important that the egg meets certain high requirements.

The egg is the basis of future life. It is important that it be full, healthy, ripened in a timely manner. Like a fruit. If it carries defects, then it is almost impossible to correct them. It’s already for life.

Finding out the quality of eggs must be done in advance. A girl is born with millions of eggs. By the time of puberty, she has 350-400 thousand of them, which she spends her whole life. As for controlling this process, this is the case when it comes to self-regulation. Every month they “come out”, ready to meet and procreate. Around the age of 20, the very age comes when the girl matures, when she is really ready for procreation. When there is a minimum of breakdowns, which can then happen. During this period, her egg is the most “stress-resistant”. In essence, the egg is the carrier of the code for all future life.

Will lowering the marriageable age improve the demographic situation? 

It is known that the best quality of eggs – from 19 to 30 years. At this time, they have a minimum number of breakdowns, defects, changes. The body is most resistant to all adversity. And if we proceed from the fact which fruit will be of the highest quality, then this period must be understood. It is the most favorable and optimal for offspring. The egg is ready. Then she matures. The simple saying “everything has its time” is not outdated and will never be outdated. This is the foundation of life. By the age of 35, there is a gradual decrease in both the quality and quantity of eggs. After 37 both fall dramatically. By the age of 40-45, there is a violation of the cycle, signs of aging appear. And this is reflected in the human gene pool.

After 37 years both the quantity and quality of eggs decreases and worsens. This is a natural physiological process. Many women by this time have endocrine disorders, immunological, cardiovascular failures, which naturally affects their health in general. But modern possibilities, against all odds, make it possible to defeat infertility. Now there are many such women. Yes, behind study, career, stress. Social life is arranged, and it’s time to become a mother.

Of course, the best way is to have a child in natural conditions with her beloved husband. However, unfortunately, in every second case, this, alas, is unattainable. There are many obstacles: tubal fact, complications after abortion, inflammatory processes, even operations. That is, by this time the path to motherhood can be thorny. But this infertility can be overcome. Today, almost every woman can have a child. This can be facilitated by new operations that completely restore the anatomy of female organs. Primarily laparoscopic. Sometimes this is enough for the onset of pregnancy.

But still, at this age, most often you have to resort to IVF. Now the “test-tube baby” is a social achievement. It has been proven to be completely safe when performed correctly for both the child and the mother. And almost guaranteed results. This result is provided, among other things, by the possibilities of pre-implantation, genetic diagnosis, which is necessary for age couples. It excludes the birth of genetically defective children. It is important that IVF has become affordable. This is a huge achievement of Medicine.

As for oncological complications, they are far-fetched. Of particular importance in situations where ovarian exhaustion occurs prematurely. Then IVF is not possible with your own eggs. But for such women, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Doctors have created a new system and approach to these patients. An operation can be also proposed to rejuvenate the ovary.