Your Desires – the Eyes of Your Soul (Meditation)

How many things we want to have, from little things to the great love of children! How many things we want to touch, from a fluffy chinchilla to a luxurious limousine and the hot sands of the legendary Sahara!

And when we get all this, only one unsolved mystery remains – it is ourselves. After all, we have been striving for so long and for years to find anything, but not ourselves, our balance, our inner world, the source of all our desires – our heart.

If life is a spark and just a moment, then what is this moment equal to? Luxurious castles where you are alone on 1000 square meters with a poodle and servants, or maybe 100 thousand people in the largest European stadiums where the music of your author’s concert so popularly sounds? Maybe hundreds of episodes of your favorite television series starring? Maybe the catwalks of fashion capitals on all continents? Or testing your health on all airlines in the world enduring incredible overloads in front of passengers?

All of us have our own answer to these questions, our own life story, our own drama theater in aspirations for the best, for ideals and missions, the highest goal and the development of our energy on earth.

Believe you will have just everything and in abundance, gratitude for today, yesterday and confidence in tomorrow and what you so want to have, especially in the notes of joyful laughter of kids in your house during your journey on earth – if only you have found yourself and heard the voice of Mother Nature that surrounds you, giving you all Her strength for this.

Let it be 5 minutes a day just for your internal dialogue. Maybe even tomorrow you will feel that you are ready to allow yourself more time for meditation than for a daily lunch or a monthly hair stylist. The main thing is that you open up to yourself, which means that you have gained everything that you lack so much.

And you know what it is that you lack the most, it’s just love and kindness and everything that grows out of them. And this is by no means a moment, but a whole full-fledged happy life. May it be so for each of you. Write to us ladies, let’s talk…