Fertility Increasing Products

The arrival of a child into the world is a welcome and blessed event in the life of any married couple. Women who dream of getting pregnant agree to almost anything to speed up the process – calculating fertile days, intricate positions during intimacy, and even so-called “fertile” diets. After all, there are beliefs that if you eat meat, fish, vegetables, then a boy will be born, and if you eat milk, confectionery and nuts, then a girl. There is no scientific basis for such statements, just as there is no special diet to speed up conception.

However, if you lead a healthy, active lifestyle, give up bad habits, eat right and balanced, this will certainly benefit the body and a miracle will happen by itself. 


According to studies, in average couples without health problems, conception occurs on average after a year and a half of active efforts. Therefore, the waiting process can be quite lengthy, and this does not mean that something is wrong with the woman. The main thing is to be in a calm and relaxed state, because stress is not the best assistant in this matter. Rather, on the contrary, negative emotions and intense expectation significantly reduce the chances of conception. The body is struggling with the effects of stress and it is definitely not up to pregnancy. Positive emotions, pleasant impressions, complete acceptance of the situation – to help.

However, it will be advisable and useful to undergo an examination to make sure that everything is in order with health in general and with reproductive function in particular. This applies not only to women, but also to men, since about 39% of cases of reproductive problems are observed in men.

Is there a diet that has a positive effect on fertility?

It is important to remember that fertility – in other words, the ability to conceive a normal child – is influenced by a large number of factors – environment, genetics, physiology, lifestyle, and others. Lifestyle is what can be adjusted:

-get away from addictions (cigarettes, alcohol);

-good dream;

-balance of the daily rhythm (time for rest and activity);

-exercise, yoga;

-a varied healthy diet;

-positive thinking.

All these factors will significantly increase the chances of getting pregnant. What about nutrition? Is there a diet that has the most beneficial effect on the body, and hence on fertility?

According to the study, namely, the Mediterranean diet is the most balanced and healthy food system. In addition to the fact that it has a positive effect on the body as a whole, thanks to its beneficial ingredients, the hormonal background is leveled, the monthly cycle becomes regular, and problems associated with ovulation disorders disappear.

The Mediterranean diet is, by and large, the style of existence of southern cheerful people living on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea (south of France, Italy, Greece, Crete, Spain). It is characterized by:

-high consumption of vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, breads and other cereals;

-the use of olive oil everywhere;

-more – fish, less – meat;

-a sufficient amount of yogurt and fatty cheeses;

-a preference for local, seasonal, fresh produce and freshly prepared, home-cooked meals.

In addition, the process of eating should not be on the go, in a hurry, where and how necessary. For the inhabitants of the Mediterranean, food is not just a fuel for life, but a holiday and enjoyment. When you can invite relatives and friends, conjure over a culinary masterpiece together, and then enjoy tasting with dances and songs.

Fertility foods

And now, let’s take a closer look at what you can and should eat in order to become a mother faster:

-Olive oil, fish (especially salmon), seeds, nuts, avocados are valuable stores of omega-3 fatty acids, monounsaturated fats.

-Nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, etc. are low-calorie plant proteins that are very healthy.

-Whole grain baked goods.

-Fruits, cereals, green vegetables, cabbage, eggs, oranges – products containing not only useful trace elements, vitamins and antioxidants, but also folic acid. It is simply necessary for the high quality of eggs and the normal development of the nervous system in the fetus.

-Seafood, seaweed, feijoa contain a lot of iodine, which affects the thyroid gland and the regularity of the female cycle.

-Meat, low-fat poultry are shown in moderation.

-Whole milk and dairy products, such as full fat ice cream, are also essential in the daily diet of a woman -who wants to conceive.

Also, general recommendations are:

-drinking enough water and natural juices;

-properly store food, especially perishable;

-exclude caffeine, products with preservatives, dyes, trans fats, convenience foods, fast food, etc.;

-Take regular vitamin complexes, without fail with folic acid and vitamin D.

Such a diet is not rigid, with virtually no contraindications. These nutritional ingredients can actually increase the chance of conception if a woman has no health problems.