The myths about the dangers of sex during pregnancy

According to the specialists, there are a huge number of misconceptions associated with sexual activity while expecting a child.

How harmful or beneficial is sex during pregnancy? Let`s answer this question that worries many expectant mothers.

The main fears of future parents are associated with the risk of causing serious harm to the baby. Allegedly, this will negatively affect the physical development of the fetus or subsequently affect his psyche. Debunking these fears, the obstetrician-gynecologist claims that this is nothing more than a myth.

Sex during pregnancy is possible if the pregnancy proceeds without complications.

However, it is necessary to exclude sexual relations if there are:


-threatened abortion at an early stage

-the threat of late termination of pregnancy

-risk of preterm birth

-risk of placental abruption

In all cases, sex during pregnancy is possible in positions that are acceptable in a given couple and that are comfortable for a woman.

Moreover, sensual love is an important component of an exciting period in the life of a family. Against the background of pregnancy, the hormonal background changes greatly, which leads to changes in the emotional state, and limiting yourself and your partner is only harmful to your health.

If a woman forcibly abstains from sexual activity at a time when she has a need for sexual activity during pregnancy, this can negatively affect the mood, the condition of the woman and, ultimately, the condition of the fetus.

In addition to harmonizing the emotional background, lovemaking will help strengthen the physical condition and strengthen relationships, there are several reasons for this:

-The pelvic muscles responsible for childbirth without ruptures become more elastic;

-The behavior of both in a pair will be more relaxed due to the disappearance of the need to protect themselves;

-Orgasms will become brighter and more sensual due to the greater blood flow to the clitoris.

Sex during a normal pregnancy – if the woman is healthy and there are no contraindications from the obstetrician-gynecologist who observes the pregnancy – is completely possible.