For which problem of sex, which doctor to go to?

Remember, when we used to play doctor-doctor in our childhood.¬†We children used to find out about different diseases by playing with stethoscopes and watching TV programs related to doctors.¬†But as adults, our game now includes fun sex.¬†There needs to be better sources for medical information that can help keep that ‘fun’ safe.

In fact, most of us are scared of going to the doctor for any kind of sex related problems. And this is because it is believed that discussing sex is a shame. People feel awkward talking about sex. In fact, we do not have enough information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and proper care of sexual health, so we do not have the confidence to talk about it.

1. General Physician (General Physician)

Most doctors recommend that for any diagnosis related to sexual health, we should first consult a general practitioner. It is like registering an FIR. First information regarding our body to the officer-on-call. Doctors refer you to specialists based on the diagnosis of your problem.

The common degree followed by his name ‚Äď M.B.B.S.

2. Gynecologist

For women, a trusted gynecologist is like a best friend. For any problems related to periods, breast, pregnancy, hormones and uterus, Gynecologist is the right choice for you. Gynecologists help in diagnosing and treating every problem related to reproductive and sexual senses. Menstruation not coming on time? Have breast pain? Hormonal imbalance likely? Scared of pregnancy? Is there pain during intercourse? Then you should go to a gynecologist.

The common degree followed by his name ‚Äď M.B.B.S.¬†(Basic Medical Degree) and MD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.¬†/ M / s.¬†/ D.N.B.

3. Andrologist

If women have got godparents in the form of gynecologists, where can men go for their fertility related questions and issues? They can start by visiting an andrologist. Andrologist is like a medical sage who has knowledge of all things male fertility or their dysfunction. Actually, andrology is the study of the human body.

Often people are confused about urology and andrology. Actually, all andrologists are urologists but it is not necessary that all urologists are andrologists. Andrologists specifically focus on male reproductive issues, such as male infertility, problems related to the genitals, such as undescended testes/testes that do not move properly, unspecified or other diseases that may affect fertility or sexual function. Compared to urology, it is considered a more specialized branch of study.

Common post-nominal degrees ‚Äď MBBS and MD/MS in Urology ‚Äď Specialization in Andrology

4. Urologist

Urologists also focus on male health and fertility, but primarily examine problems related to the prostate, bladder, kidneys, and urinary tract. That is, along with sexual health issues, a man should see a urologist if he has pain during urination, a burning sensation and/or a urinary tract infection (UTI) is suspected.

The common degrees followed by his name are MBBS and MD/MS/DNB in ‚Äč‚ÄčUrology.

5. Endocrinologist

Twenty-three-year-old female patient had missed her periods for three months. She was wondering if she had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). She immediately went to a gynaecologist, who told that there was nothing like that. She was then advised to see an endocrinologist, who was diagnosed with severe hormonal imbalances. She had never heard of such expertise before. Which doctor is this?

An endocrinologist balances the waves of fun that arise in our endocrine glands.¬†(eg- pineal gland, pituitary gland, pancreas, ovaries, testes, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, hypothalamus and adrenal glands ‚Äď endocrine glands).

The cycle of a hormone in our body is made of these glands. Mood swings, diabetes, cholesterol, hormonal balance at large all come under the jurisdiction of the endocrine system.

A well-oiled endocrine system is extremely important for a healthy sex life. Your hormones determine how you feel about sex. Therefore, regular check-ups of thyroid and other hormone tests are necessary if you are sexually active.

The endocrinologist makes sure that all the endocrine systems remain ‘mogambo happy’.¬†They examine everyone, male or female, but only if they have been referred by a general practitioner.

The common degrees followed by his name are MBBS and MD/MS in Endocrinology.

6. Psychologist / Psychiatrist

Many sex-related issues are also mental and emotional. Problems such as lack of desire, ejaculation and arousal problems, and orgasmic disorders are not only physical but are also associated with emotional and mental distress. Stress, residual and unresolved issues, chronic issues, lifestyle, depression, body problems and disorders, and anxiety can hinder sexual health. This is where the need for a psychiatrist and psychologist arises.

Psychologists primarily provide counseling, while psychiatrists are also licensed to prescribe mental health medications if they deem it necessary. It is advisable to meet a psychologist first. It is advisable to seek advice. If the psychiatrist considers it necessary that you need more intensive instruction, he may refer you to a psychiatrist.

Don’t hesitate!¬†A healthy sex life needs several strong pillars.¬†If sex isn’t fun in your head, how can it be fun in bed?

Common post-nominal degrees ‚Äď Psychiatrists are required to have an MBBS degree, and an additional M.D./M.S. in psychiatry is required.¬†Psychologists are usually not medical doctors, they have a master’s degree in psychology.

7. Sex Therapist / Sexologist

So if a psychologist helps you fight mental roadblocks to a good sex life, then what does a sex therapist do? While a psychiatrist/psychologist will focus on your mental health overall, a sex therapist will help you focus only on sex related mental disorders. A sex therapist helps men and women who want to have a healthy and comfortable sex life by removing psychological barriers and hesitations.

Sex therapists are known as ‘sexologists’ – people who study sexuality.¬†Most sexologists and physicians provide advice on issues related to sexuality, but sexologists who have a medical degree can also prescribe medicines if necessary.¬†Men and women of all sexual orientations should periodically consult a sexologist, especially if they are sexually active.

Common degree followed by their name – Masters degree in science and psychology (some sexologists have MBBS in addition to masters degree)

8. Skin specialist

A dermatologist solves all skin related problems.¬†So they don’t just save us from our hair fall and pimples, but also prevent more serious itches and skin infections caused by STIs.¬† A female patient, was diagnosed with herpes virus (STI).¬†Due to the infection, the inner part of her inner thigh had become discolored.¬†Despite going to gynecologists and urologists and a hundred other specialists, her skin had not gotten better.¬†Due to this her confidence started decreasing.

Then, she consulted a dermatologist, who treated her infection with prescription drugs for HPV. The itching started to subside and she started feeling better. Any STI is handled at several levels. Just one doctor is not enough. It is better to attack this from many levels.

Common degrees followed by his name- MBBS and MD/MS/DNB/PG Diploma in Dermatology.

9. STI Specialist & Genito Urologist

Certain branches of medicine specialize in STIs.¬†A male patient was diagnosed with STI when he was in America.¬†But he had to come to his homeland soon for his brother’s marriage.¬†He thought that he would continue his medical treatment at home.¬†But she was having trouble finding an STI clinic, as STI specialists are very rare there, after which he got a chance to reach out to a genito urologist through a general practitioner in his city.¬†This was the only option to find a TI specialist.

STI Specialists and Genito Urologists specialize in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčSexually Transmitted Diseases and their treatment.¬†They are the most specialized specialists who can only be consulted on a referral from another doctor.¬†Just like you can go to a neurosurgeon only when a doctor who has an MD degree in general medicine refers you there.

The common degree followed by his name ‚Äď M.B.B.S.¬†and MD¬†/MS in Urology, ¬†with specialization in STI

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