On the Female Saltvation (Weekend Meditation)

I often meet beautiful women who work very hard and work on themselves, constantly improving and making every effort to achieve the highest point of success in their field. In the life of each of them there come moments when they realize that the more they press on the speedometer on the gas, the faster their motivation to give life burns out. Valuable time passes and they get tired, this happens at best 10 years before the expected menopause.

Unfortunately, when the time to become a mother expires biologically, then all these successes and trend values become a high price for lifelong color in the soul and gratitude to Mother Nature for the gift of life. Time flies quickly, and earthly blessings end or pass into other hands, it becomes more and more difficult to hold them in your hands, and even more vital energy and strength are wasted.

And when no meditation practices and money in a Swiss bank can come to life on the mother’s chest in her arms, then a barren emptiness sets in that noone wants or able phisycally and emotionally to talk about, the woman withdraws into herself and simply fades away before her own eyes. And every time I see this picture after 30 years, it just becomes very painful for me as a person to look at it and, together with patients from all over the world, experience it together. Of course we help on a various programs, but the price is really high: talented actresses, models, porn stars, brave stewardesses and tireless firefighters, auditors and lawyers of high moral character, even female nurses who save the lives of others, wise educators, politicians, diplomats, influencers and magical designers of this blue planet – everyone here becomes equal and life comes to everyone – today, here and now.

You can be all this, even all your life, if the soul lies in it. But how important it is to save yourself in time and take it inside in time and give warmth and love. We have been ready to talk about these things day and night for many years and more. And we will continue to do so. Hundreds of lives have already been saved before our eyes and hands. Every year, couples from all over the world send us photos of their growing cutie pies for all the holidays in their distant cultures and thank fate and Heaven for never having come to this world.

Dear ladies and couples, the world is bright, colorful and boundless, it is also full of stress and hardship in your life, but please save yourself, do everything for this in the first place, if necessary, even giving all the dust of the world for this purpose. But this is precisely your longevity, eternal youth and the joy of salvation – salvation in motherhood, parenthood. Stay loved today, tomorrow and every day, every night, every dream…