Meditation on “Motherhood & the Fear of Time”

How hard it is these days to concentrate on important things and find peace among the realities of a turbulent world. Even in the peacetime of this blue planet, stress is inevitable, stress blocks the desire to become pregnant, stress suppresses the desire to go pregnant, stress postpones the happy moments of motherhood, shifting attention to the triggers of fighting this world in pursuit of things that can never redeem a lonely and fragile female heart when the risk of never getting pregnant again grows in proportion to the age of the very struggle in which the cold female mind obliviously plunged itself and the firm calculation to win life. Familiar, isn’t it?

You want to do a lot today, here and now, because you want to live so much, you love life in itself so much. You are its creation and reproduction, its beginning, its first cause, its mother. The meaning of life is to live – it is alive, it keeps people in their declining years on this earth, it saves parents for children during wars and cataclysms, pandemics and resource crises, it leads people to healing and overcoming any obstacles in our path. Our meaning to live is in our children and grandchildren, not in things, not in the shining silhouettes of our mirror with a pointed selfie camera.

If you enjoy that you feel good and all your photo sessions reflect this well to the world in admiration, then this means you are ready to be truly happy. If the sparkle in your eyes is replete with hormones of reproduction and joyful balance, it means you are ready to become a mother and give all the best to your child. You are ready to give your love and place your baby or even twins in maternal paradise, exactly in 9 months. That’s how Mother Nature made you.

But what if you feel something opposite? You are not confident in yourself, you are afraid, you run away from yourself, you suppress any thoughts related to the maternal instinct in yourself because of the fear of the time you live, you are restless for the future of your baby. Then remember – this is because you are the best, most caring and loving mother. Even here, you wish your unconceived children only the best in this life against the backdrop of your complete peace, harmony and harmony with all living things. You want good. And that’s how Mother Nature made you.

You see now, you are Her most beloved child. And under any circumstances, life will find meaning, and meaning will find life on your way. Do not be afraid, listen to the arrival of spring and the singing of birds under your window, because spring is coming soon. In 4 days there will be an oriental New Year, and this is Spring Festival where your sun rises and it goes to you with flowers to the West.

My wish is your eternal joy, your harmony and fullness of life in you, my wish is your enrichment with Omega-3 and folic acid with each new cycle. My confidence in you is like a hare under the Christmas tree in the year of the rabbit. Fluffy mother rabbit. Forward! To meet your beloved he-rabbit! You know everything yourself, you know how to be and what to do. Hooray! You are going to celebrate this spring without no more fear…