Psychological infertility

Psychological infertility in women at the present time is one of the significant reasons that a woman cannot become pregnant. After marriage, young people do not even think that they may encounter the problem of conception. There are many reasons for infertility, one of them is the state of the woman’s psyche.

How psychological infertility manifests itself

When one attempt after another ends in a fiasco, the young couple begins to panic. A woman conducts endless tests for ovulation, she has a lot of programs on her smartphone that track the cycle, thermometers are purchased that are designed to measure basal temperature. Every month she tries to catch the sensations of the slightest ailment, each attack of nausea gives hope that the cherished pregnancy has come.

A woman begins to watch all the films about children, to look at mothers walking with strollers. Moreover, acquaintances do not give rest, they constantly ask: “When will you decide to have a child?” Such a state of a woman who madly desires to become a mother can be characterized as psychological infertility.

What are the causes of psychological infertility

All the processes that we described above become the cause of such constant feelings in a woman as depression, a sense of inferiority and her own inadequacy, and a lack of self-realization. This is the psychological problems of infertility. Such feelings depress the mental state of a woman so much that at some point they become the number one reason that prevents pregnancy. The woman underwent all kinds of treatment, for which a lot of money was spent, but there was still no result.

Today, many couples have such problems. Their cause is negative emotions that cause such a strong tension of the nervous system that mechanisms are activated that, in order to protect themselves, block the work of the reproductive organs. In this case, when psychological infertility occurs, the reproductive specialist is unlikely to help. A competent psychologist can help a woman. As psychologists say, there are two types of psychological infertility:

– as a result of psychological trauma in the past, if a woman was brought up in a dysfunctional family and does not want to repeat the experience of her parents, or she has experienced sexual violence;

– the result of an uncertain psychological present in women who have not figured out the priorities, what they need now – a child or career growth.

Psychological infertility and fears

Many women develop psychological infertility under the influence of fears. Here are the most common female phobias:

– Fear of the future. A woman is afraid of how she will work, whether the baby will be born healthy, as well as severe pain during childbirth.

– Uncertainty in relations with a spouse after a child is born.

– Pathological fear of upcoming changes in appearance.

These fears do not allow a woman to understand herself and determine the true causes of psychological infertility. Of course, in this case, you need to contact a good psychologist. Only he can reveal all the reasons that led to psychological infertility.

How to treat psychological infertility

First, a woman needs to understand herself. Treatment of female psychological infertility should begin with this. You can turn to a professional reproductologist or reproductive coach, but first you are to become a psychologist for yourself. In this case, a woman suffering from psychological infertility should honestly answer the following questions:

– Why do I need a child, do I want to have some personal benefit from this? If your desire to have a child is not sincere, then nothing will work out, no matter how hard you try.

– Do I sincerely want a child? Without a full understanding that the future pregnancy is desirable and this baby will be loved, conception will not occur.

The answers to these questions will help the your reproductologist and reproductive coach to determine the psychological type of a woman to make a good team helping you out in your case. Many experienced professionals have long paid attention to the fact that women who want to be taken care of by their husbands and who are too purposeful women most often suffer from psychological infertility.

Emotional women should relax and stop constantly thinking about pregnancy, to achieve the goal by any means. After some time, women notice that the problems themselves go out of their heads. Looping on an existing problem always prevents pregnancy.

A woman suffering from psychological infertility should not neglect vacations, travel, spending time with her husband and loved ones. Good help will be fitness, swimming.

A woman who has problems conceiving due to psychological infertility should learn to develop positive emotions in herself. There is no need to envy mothers who walk with their children, one must sincerely rejoice for them. Take a look at yourself from the outside – after all, you are a completely healthy, full of strength woman, you have everything in order to get pregnant. Along with positive emotions, reproductive mechanisms will also turn on.

If you suddenly feel something similar or have your own experience from life, please write us in a way that is convenient for you, so that we can help you in a timely manner together and with joint efforts to overcome this problem, both on a psychological and therapeutic level with the connection of our affiliated reproductive specialist.