1001 Candle Talks: Night 4 “Confidence in Maternal Predestination“

Are you familiar with the situation when, in thinking about the future, especially when we try to fit ourselves into the world of the general public, there is a feeling as if you cannot stand the same bar as other people? What if I can’t? Or how am I created for another? After all, times have changed so much and motherhood for me in my special situation and circumstances is a very difficult and unconventional thing.

It seems the world has gone to play water polo against its own rules. And even if I release dolphins into my pool, it is so unattainable for me to even give birth to a child in the water under the “Dolphin” program. I’m afraid of everything, I don’t know anything, and in general I’ll run away from dolphins because I’m a different woman with a special relationship with the universe.

Let’s just stop for a minute, put aside all our affairs as a means of renunciation from the main series of the main series LIFE and listen to what Fertility and the Female Soul have to say on this topic:

– I’m not like that, you know I’m different, I’m a woman of unique purpose and inspiration.

Tell me about your destiny.

– I came into this world to fill the life around me with my harmony and enjoy it, receiving aesthetic pleasure from it in a full sense of ecological and technological comfort.

– Do you want to fill life with meaning? Fill it with living meaning. Everything you just called is a projection of living energy, but look, there is no reproduction of you. You do not leave a bioparticle of yourself in the world of the living. Only this part will be able to remind the world about how beautiful your soul was, is and always will be.

– And what about paintings, sonnets, couplets, feng shui and decorations? What about architecture and hundreds of my works? Silk and diamond products, records in the Guinness Book? Wise management? Music that reaches the depths of the hearts of thousands and millions of people? What about the good deeds have I done for this world? Doesn’t that count?

– It’s a cretive memory of you, it’s not a copy of you. The memory will fade, and you will be gone, who will be – the seal of your eternal love and care for this world? Who will make you happy every minute of your life? Who will fill all your thoughts and heart? Who will keep you alive and go through all your trials of life?

– I can’t, I don’t see a way, the reality is that everyone is there, but I’m not there.

– It’s not like that and you know it, you’re there. Do you really want to get closer to higher harmony?

– Yes, I really want.

– Create harmony for your living cells. Invite other life-giving cells there, you yourself will not create a full picture of this miracle even with the Jaconda masterpiece. Let’s get pregnant!

– I’m not ready, I haven’t achieved anything yet to prove to myself and the world that I can.

– What you are capable of in yourself exceeds all your achievements. Let’s multiply love by two or three. This business never closes, it is always with you. Let’s go look at your ornamental lunar calendar.

– And what will happen then?

– I will exempt you from this astronomical mathematics for a whole year. Let’s count weeks instead of months. I will show you through the cycle of transformational miracles of your body, soul and maternal instinct, how different and more beautiful you have left yourself forever. You filled the world with your true self. The maternity hospital, along with the precious minutes of the clock, are constantly waiting for you. It’s time to recreate a copy of your love. Let’s go! I will now show you what will happen next, in a week…