Who comes into this world

Every person in this world is born. Not by his or her own command or merit, but by the goodwill and devotion of their parents. What each family receives in the face of a child, who fills the house with joyful emotions and pleasant chores, cannot be compared with any receiving the blessings of the world and getting the stars from heaven, and most of our planet has long path of humanity learned this as life truth.

Many women worry about how their personal, social, professional and married life will change with the “arrival” of a baby. After all, according to the logic of things, a child who requires so many worries will take and absorb so much time that you cannot spend on yourself. But believe me, how many women in the world and how many married couples say to themselves every day: “If there are no children, then there are no us, even though we are alive. Nothing pleases …” This is true. To “burn through” life, having spent much more on it than you gain as a result, is a life without meaning, without the participation of life itself through the realization of oneself in the mission for which a person comes to this world. Indeed, in essence, a person is alive, human is one with all living things, the guarantor of what is called life, humans are responsible for life and then to preserve themselves as the crown of creation.

And also a fruit of love as well, which means to convey all love through parental love under the auspices of the sincere conjugal love of dad and mom. And that doesn’t always work out, does it? Sometimes the prospect of the opposite fills us with fear, and we leave our mission, creating an irreplaceable substitute for it, with which we assure ourselves that everything in our life is fine and of the highest class. And this continues as long as we bloom fertilely like roses. When the cold sets in and the roses fade or freeze, they simply become cold and without sprouting, they first cry like a plant, and then simply disappear. Because a blessed time was given to fill the world with colors through life in oneself, but the roses chose not to take advantage of this, and therefore the semblance of their century of enthusiastic happiness and euphoria of material wealth was fleeting and short.

But there is another, more colorful perspective. When the female body is rejuvenated through periodic childbirth, when the quality of child care and the quality of life improves with each new child in the family, when the candles of birthdays, school matinees, simple truths and evenings of gratitude for life do not end out. Especially around Christmas, when there is help and support, which does not fade, but rises and lives up to a hundred years and above in the fullness of the properties and blessings of life in reaising of qualities completness. All these are children…flowers…

Therefore, if you are reading this letter, it means that you still have time in a limited supply to change a lot and fill your only life with many more out of these things through fertility and maintaining your female and couple health. Then everything pleases, then gardens and greenhouses bloom, then you want to water them again and again.

Dear Mother Nature, thank you for the flowers of life, thank you for the children to live long, happy and beautiful…