Meditation on “Faith in Your Future Motherhood”

Think about how many doubts you have overcome the last 24 hours? Remember them all and ask yourself the question: why? What hair color to choose, what evening dress to wear, whether accept or postpone a date, get married or not, have a baby now or someday?

There are a lot of such questions in our personal life. And we are all people, we naturally want a future for ourselves. But when the future does not seem to come when the alarm clock is ticking, we become very sad at times, especially in the evenings, when there is nothing else to do but take care of our inner world and our happiness. At the same time, our soul and our consciousness again and again succumb to the fateful temptation to lose faith.

But it is faith that must vibrate in us at the cellular level, at the level of atoms. In a life that few people have studied well, with the exception of their own, unique and incredible things happen, starting with people who return against the expectations of resuscitators literally from the other world, and ending with the birth of a new life, followed by great gratitude for communion with fertile beginning of the universe through the ability to reproduce and leave behind a new life.

If you stop the mechanism of faith, the restart also stops, and the concentration of all biological and spiritual reserves continues to live on. There were, are, and will be obstacles. But they direct our faith not only forward, but sometimes upward. After all, you can spend your whole life in constant struggle, breaking stereotypes and foundations in the world of your own kind, or you can simply consciously accept the gift of life itself and your calling to be a man or a woman. Retransmitting our gratitude to the Universe through our family, we thereby confidently retransmit fertility in everything into our lives. After all, when a child is born in a full-fledged family, everything comes with him or her, only the best, the most cherished and intimate. After all, a woman’s key to everything is not just in “successful” and sincere soulmateship love, but in the most natural and healing, saving her and beneficial for her life, maternal happiness.

If today’s doubts state something essentially the opposite, it would be better to admit everything to yourself and never let go of yourself along the alarm clock: neither in 30, nor in 40 minutes – faith in motherhood at the cellular level. Go, take and take care nurturing – your life, every happy day. A day that has found meaning for you and your whole family.

Thank you for the gift of fertility! After all, you can, not tomorrow – today, here and now, not by yourself, but you are capable of it. You read these lines with faith in your soul, which means that faith in life itself settled in your soul …

Let’s talk about your future motherhood to help.