1001 Candle Talks: Night 3 “Will I be able to bring it to giving Life?“

It often happens, when the evening comes again, and you have time to just sort yourself out after a conversation with friends, watching another favorite series or routine housework, the question of whether you can do what you want and those long-awaited knocks in your heart for the sacred desire that has always been difficult for a person, especially a woman. `Will I be able to become a mother? When will this happen? Am I different and not like everyone?` Let’s listen stealthily to what the Female Soul and Fertility whisper about, perhaps you might find some of your answers in this depth of their conversation:

– You are afraid? How do you feel?

– I am confused in myself and no one can unravel me.

-Something from the actual did not coincide with the desired?

-There is no life…

-Would you like to have it? There is life.

-I guess I can’t afford that luxury right now.

-Do you really think that this is a luxury that you can afford to buy?

-No, but I have nothing in my life ready, and for myself I need to live a little for myself.

-Up to 30, 40, 50? How do you want to live for yourself? What if something doesn’t go according to plan, and you don’t have the strength to give birth? What then? After all, now it doesn’t hurt at all, now it’s only a question mark, it hurts later, when you can’t anymore and admit to yourself that it is really so.

-You know what, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to, but I confess to you, and only to you, I really want to be a mother, but I always have some kind of obstacles on the way, as if some kind of karma won’t let me.

-Did you ask Mother Nature?

-Oh yes, how else? I even bathed three times in the waters of St. Anna.

-So what?

-So nothing at all! Nothing comes.

-Did you turn to the father you want for your child for help?

-I forgot. They probably don’t say this out loud round the female world.

-Go to him and tell for help that he know and together ask St. Anne by candlelight.

-And then what? LoL, Scary!

-Scary when there is nothing and noone in life, accept the gift of time.

-What time? 9 months to be pregnant?

-For everyone who comes into this world, this is enough. Just do not forget to tell him, because this is his time, your common time.

-Are you saying that we have an eternity ahead of us like this?

-Yes exactly. There is no routine, there is no lack of money, there is no cloudy readiness, there is no life only for oneself, because this was not done to you. Both of you go and give birth. Good love to you, good health and unearthly parental happiness!