Flowers do not fade after 40. Here is why…

Today you woke up to the sound of an ambivalent piano. You suddenly wanted to let go of everything and be grateful for everything. You wanted to go to the gym, making new reconstructive new plans, fear and insecurity to move on disappeared, you began to truly understand men, you became a mother more than once, and your hairstyle emphasizes your true beauty inside that you still want to show sharing with the world – they didn`t yet noticed how true it is. What’s happening? Is it because you’re over forty?

Yes. The time comes when we acquire the fullness of properties with qualities and want to be truly happy, finding this wonderful world in ourselves and never again leaving the state of true harmony. And botox with injections of youth has nothing to do with it, it’s not even about the number of romantic dates and passionate nights in candlelit secret bedrooms of the empress. After all, the key to your heart is you yourself, this is how Mother Nature arranged you, giving you the secret gift of waking up in eternal spring from year to year. No you are not a soon to be pensioner, you are the most natural greenhouse lotus, that one can ever be only to be thankful for and to be with.

So we’ll talk about it with you and your girlfriends, even if you want by candlelight or in the morning light, or after your meditation or contrast shower. We will talk about the main thing – about your unchanging beauty, peace of mind and quality of life, deep feelings, normal physiology in the female line and all your best aspirations that you bring to this world.

Don’t worry. The achievements of modern gerontology do not stand still and very noticeably make themselves felt in your life. Nature has not left you with its essential oils, enriching your blood vessels with raspberry-cherry juice. And we don’t have to eat papaya every day to enlarge your breasts. We can just talk, and something extraordinary and very healing and internally filling just for you to pick up. Your doctor is here, your 40+ coach is nearby. And nature is with you.

Come with me, we will choose your new hairstyle with you, you are no longer a blonde, you are a red ruby!