To the Question of Female Contraception

Many women view contraception only as a means of avoiding unwanted pregnancies. But believe me, this is far from the case, because a properly selected contraceptive method is the key to your family health and a healthy wellbeing. Today we will start talking talk about well-known contraceptives and what misconceptions that lie in wait for us on this subtle and scrupulous path for reproductive health.

Contraception can be barrier (with the use of special preparations) and radical (various types of sterilization). Here it is very important for each couple to choose their critically needed contraceptive. And about whether it will be a female condom or an oral contraceptive, of course, you need to individually discuss with the doctor. The group of barrier contraceptives for women includes spirals of various shapes, functions and actions. There are temporary contraceptives that protect a woman for a short period, there are also those that women use immediately before sexual intercourse. This choice follows from considerations of the relevance of pregnancy for a couple for the period of selection of contraceptive methods.

Today’s combined oral contraceptives, having gone a long way of development, carry a minimal hormonal load to achieve the necessary contraceptive effect. But the point is also that the hormonal state of women can react differently to the processes that take place in the female body. Therefore, the appointment of combined oral contraceptives should take place strictly under the supervision of an obstetrician-gynecologist, gynecologist-endocrinologist, and even better, a reproductologist, taking into account the current hormonal state of the woman.

In our next publications and at our seminars and consultations, we will continue our discussions on this topic. But now, when the holidays and fun are coming and it’s time to relax, it is very important to think about what kind of sensitive female protection plan will certainly lead us to happiness, a strong multigenerational family and longevity. You can even share your thoughts with Santa Claus, who loves to give out lavish gifts.

Stay happily healthy, dear women!