Merry Christmas

Today I was asked about what gift I would like for Christmas. Well, of course it’s Christmas itself! The hour when light puts aside the darkness, and with new life comes a ray of sunshine and hope – this is a joy for every soul on this Earth.

This year has indeed been difficult and full of trials and roads. For many of you, this is a dream to keep a quiet and joyful family happiness in the circle of relatives and dearest close ones and people who need your presence here and now. And I would very much like this project to become for each of you a reflection of the most important Christmas gift for me – this is the appearance in every family of a small shining miracle, whose smile and joyful laughter wash away all our pains and sorrows, instill in us the desire to live and love, move and go forward, and live and keep yourself for a long time in the name of this heavenly gift.

Our dear femal listeners and patients in all corners of the globe!
I sincerely and wholeheartedly congratulate you on the bright holiday of Christmas and the New Year, I wish you the fullness, completeness of qualities and many tears of happiness, thanks to Heaven for the fact that life has taken place and it is full of new hopes through the sacred gift of motherhood – a conductor of goodness, love and little butterflies of happiness !

See you at our programs and events, take care and keep letting us know about your stories of happiness or a hard and unwavering path to it.

We are always here, that is, near, wherever you go…