On the Causes of Infertility

How to protect yourself from the plague, which according to the degree of psychological trauma and burden on the state of mind of a woman, according to doctors, is close only to the last stages of oncological disease? Let’s talk frankly about the causes of infertility for females. There is also a no less serious problem of infertility with men, and, I really hope that our colleagues from urology, sexology and venereology will devote at least a whole long-term work to this in all countries of the world.

First of all, we are talking about sexually transmitted infections. How you want sometimes to enjoy the atmosphere of unplanned sexual contacts right and left! How fun it all starts, lasts just as impulsively, and then ends miserably! This means that unprotected sex is the number one enemy of your healthy offspring. Be vigilant and remind your partner of this. You both may be endangered.

In addition, there is a very serious problem of timely undetected gynecological diseases. These are all sorts of chronic inflammatory processes of the ovaries and uterus, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids and endometriosis.

This also includes the consequences of abortions and miscarriages, regardless of even their small number. Naturally, the more they happen, the higher the risk is that pregnancy will never occur naturally again, or at least without the help of assisted reproductive technologies.

Our bad habits have been and will be in vogue among peers, a philosophy of life, a sign of belonging to various subcultures or just a way of life: nicotine, alcohol, drug addiction and other toxic substances, psychological negativity poured out on our relatives and friends. Dear expectant mothers, all this takes away from you the light of future healthy and happy hope, and sometimes your last ray of sunshine.

Abundant stress also provokes the occurrence of endocrine infertility, when, in the presence of supposedly normal physiological parameters, the production of the necessary female hormones is suspended or continuum blocked, which take the most primary part at the moment when you persistently, with all your might, but unfortunately in vain, try in a variety of poses and diets to conceive a child.

The next item is late pregnancy planning. After all, more and more women seek to have children after 30 years for a variety of socio-economic reasons. And this is a very big risk, which more often than before all over the world makes life melancholy, emotionally sick and unbearable in the period from 30 to 45 years old.

Dear ladies, these are all factors, no matter what area you are successful in, no matter what status you aspire to, and no matter what culture you belong to. Infertility knows no boundaries, knows no personalities and autobiographies, it looks through your make-up and plastic surgery in mirrors alone, but it is not visible in your attractive “happy” photos on social networks. Let’s be honest with ourselves, and if we need help, then be sure that she is always there and is with you, even if something is not right.

Late pregnancy planning. increasingly causes infertility, when women seek to have children after 30 years, and with age, the cumulative effect of infertility factors increases due to a mixuture of above mentioned and other factors we will talk about soon.

Infertility happens as

●Primary infertility is when a woman has not had a single pregnancy. The causes may be sexually transmitted infections, anomalies in the development of the uterus and fallopian tubes, as well as congenital and acquired (before sexual activity) disorders of the endocrine system.

●secondary infertility – it is established in the presence of pregnancy in the past; if there has already been at least one single pregnancy and it doesn’t matter how it ended, whether with an abortion, childbirth, ectopic pregnancy or even a miscarriage, infertility can be considered secondary. Secondary infertility is most often caused by abortions and spontaneous miscarriages, as well as adhesions, arising after operations for myoma, ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancy, etc., or against the background of chronic inflammation of the appendages and fallopian tubes.

●absolute infertility – the possibility of pregnancy in a natural way is completely excluded (in the absence of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, anomalies in the development of the genital organs);

●relative infertility – restoration of reproductive function is possible.

In addition, female infertility is

1) congenital (malformations, hereditary disorders of hormonal control of reproductive function);

2) acquired (a consequence of the adverse effects of various external and internal causative factors on the reproductive system).

In the following publications and at our seminars, we will talk about these things in detail on the example of the lives of many people, and most importantly, our own.

Timely prevention of infertility will save you from the burning of your female soul, the fire of which cannot be extinguished by any money and benefits, by any fame or color of the carcass.

May harmony and the joy of realizing that you are fertile and fruitful and can bring more than once the most sacred and holy on this earth – a panacea of happiness and longevity in motherhood in front of many generations – the gift of life, never ends in your life-long blooming.