Meditation on the Breath of Reproduction

If we want to be healthy and truly beautiful, we need to learn how to sow the seeds of happiness in our hearts. For the sake of the path to happiness, people again and again look for a teacher and a medicine, but for some reason in the end they find that they cannot find it. But why is this happening?

Sometimes Mother Nature hides happiness from a woman. When She wanted to do this at the dawn of mankind and was looking for a suitable place for this, then wherever She went, there were people everywhere. Even at the bottom of the sea, even in Atlantis. And so she decided that happiness should be hidden in the innermost corners of a woman’s heart.

It turns out that all women have happiness, but still they have to look for it from other people outside. A woman’s heartfelt feelings go beyond subtext and her natural image outside the mirror.

And then, from the depths of a woman’s heart, the question arises: ‘Could it be that my heart was never able to find peace? Who can explain this to me?’ And this happens to teach a happy woman to inward observation, because all the causes of happiness are inside her own heart, while her mind, on the contrary, is burdensome to rely on external things and conditions outside for peace of mind.

Breathe in with your life-giving breast all the conditions outside, but there is no breath in the heart, it contains the beating of your life, the rhythm and pulse of everything that you are. When you sleep and eat, are in the gym or driving your favorite car, when you make love and when you give birth – always breathe, breathe correctly, imitating the breathing of Mother Nature, who will teach you everything even before the doctor and I tell you how to.

Save your breath, love your heart. By maintaining your body in a relaxed meditative state, you will be able to unite your body and mind, find peace and tranquility, show your natural appearance and the beauty of your temperament.

Things that bring real peace of mind are extremely simple, and peace of mind is water and air. Merge with them together. And do not be surprised that even the ancients ate with a scoop and poured with a scoop and at the same time lived happily. After all, the simpler and more natural your life, the calmer your mind is. After all, a woman who swims, drowns and languishes in endless desires is like a fiery house floating in the Three Kingdoms.

The breath of life will adjust all your desires to the rhythm of a happy heart and you will learn to clearly see all your productive aspirations and ideals, always remaining satisfied and grateful for the present moment: here, now, again and again. Thank life for what it is in you, let it be sown and grown to preserve you on earth, Mother Earth.