1001 Candle Talks: Night 2 “The sense of my female anxieties “

What does the trembling and non-iron living heart of a woman suggest? It always speaks of the important and the main thing, it comes to all of us to help. Its calling is to love, protect and cherish everything that the eyes of the soul can see. When the heart is disturbed, it is in a stupor and temporarily stops seeing, blocking the production of life and foreshadowing states of suffering. It sometimes seems to the heart that it is incurable, that it will not be able to carry such a small and such a similar heart under itself, and this imagination makes it very sad. But this does not make sense anymore, because for every female heart there is amazing news contained in the following dialogue between the Female Soul and Fertility:

– Do you again wound yourself up with a whole series of experiences?

– Well, I’m such a blonde, you can’t do anything here. I can’t sleep all day and all night and it makes me very cold.

Your emptiness inside is not a vice and not a wasteland, this is a place for the gift of new life. And you asked me about it? Calm down, now let’s fill your heart with the most precious. Forget about all the worries and recall the incomparable joy of motherhood. You inherited it from your mother, and even your father, the same phenotype.

– Oh, and in fact, what am I, a blonde, sobbing, I’ll go and ask the girls to repaint me to meet spring, very soon. It’s time to prepare for my March pregnancy. I want all two litmus test strips – twins. Please double my happiness.

We’ll talk about that too when the time comes. Run this weekend and choose your happy color. So what if you are a blonde – after all, golden and sunny have so many derivative shades …