1001 Candle Talks: Night 1 “Through the Pain”

This cycle of publications in the form of morning and evening artistic talks of the Female Soul and Fertility was originally conceived for those who, for one reason or another, will not be able to use our programs, as well as those who do not find the strength to talk about anything at all. After all, when something that is very deep makes itself felt through harsh reality, it is very important for us that someone hears us, in hope that the pain will pass and go away.

At the same time, these conversations will also be useful for those who are deeply thinking about their vocation as a human being in this world and at the same time sensibly looking for specific answers to specific questions on the topic of personal happiness and the continuation of life, in particular, the heavenly gift of motherhood. This gift is heavenly because there are things that people can neither create, nor buy, nor achieve, nor overcome, nor independently conquer. We will talk very often and a lot about what infertility is in essence and how to defeat and prevent it: during consultations with a doctor using the example of your medical history, a complete diagnostic picture and the current situation in your life, and in our personal conversations and long-awaited calls , at the level of mental, emotional and hormonal-somatic plan.

I sincerely hope that these literary messages to real conversations will help you not only melt your own ice floes, which only you and no one else knows about, but also ignite the flame of life in your eyes. Let me see them: your eyes and the light of a realized ray of hope in them! Hope and confidence to live, rejoice and always be grateful for everything …

Yours faithfully,

Petro Rybalchenko


– It hurts, it hurts, it hurts so much!

– What hurts?

– My Soul Hurts. And in general, everything hurts everywhere.

– What did you eat for breakfast today?

– What breakfast!? Can’t you see, I’ve been saving my figure for many years and at the same time I don’t overeat. Are you trying to hint at my food problems?

– No. Your problem is not food, but the lack of it, not only in your stomach in the morning, but also in your heart in the evening.

– It’s kind of confusing. And what about the pain of eating? I’m so tired already, I have no strength. I want to lie down and not get up, not to hear the alarm clock in the morning, not to have breakfast, not to spend an hour on makeup. I just want to be myself. You understand me? I’m so tired of being someone and everything at the same time.

– Go to bed, tomorrow we’ll talk after your vigorous and long calm healthy sleep. Fascinating journey in the world of dreams to you, on what your soul asks for in conversations with your own body…