To the attention of entrepreneurs and business owners, members of the board of directors of small and medium-sized enterprises.

In June 2021 our Center launched a vendor partnership program with the aim of creating favorable conditions on the way for enterprises to enter the Asian and European markets.

The program includes the following goals and objectives:

  1. Promoting effective and leading representation of brands and services in consumer countries;
  2. Development of business solutions and management strategies on modern multilateral and trans-regional platforms;
  3. Advising senior management on regional branding and entering key consumer markets;
  4. Setting up multi-vector management of strategic and operational communications in Asia and Europe on the basis of responsible departments of enterprises and corporate training centers;
  5. Engineering of brand and exclusive consumer networks in the countries of Eurasia.

Applications for participation in the program are accepted on a daily basis, the procedure for considering commercial proposals and information requests provides for the presence of an official letter of intent, as well as the presentation of materials of products and services from the manufacturer or service provider.

Please send materials to
In the subject line, please indicate: vendor partnership