Where in practice will I be able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills?

First of all, this is entrepreneurial and official activity in conditions of frequent movements around the world, development of markets in regions and individual countries, optimization of work with existing partners from countries difficult for European practice.

In particular, our training provides a real opportunity to focus your activities on a thorough study of the laws of the functioning of your market in the international field, to build effective and high-quality interaction between the client, partner and suppliers of goods and services, to enter the business and professional circles necessary for work, to learn how to attract investors with a characteristic cultural specificity.

In a vital sense, listeners have the opportunity to significantly revise their healthy way of life, take a real step in harmonizing with the environment, nature and human being, increase the reproductive and long-term potential of their body, relieve their consciousness from everyday psycho-emotional stress and make artistic and dream corrections in their lifestyle, reaching a new level of socio-economic well-being and improvement in the life higher ecology level.

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