What areas of business do you cover? With what problems and needs for learning of best known or possible practices practices can my company contact you?

We work in the following development segments:

Management and decision-making skills in a multicultural environment.

Leadership and personal effectiveness in Asian and African countries.

Business communications and business etiquette in modern Eastern society.

Strategic and operational management in the Indo-Pacific region.

Engineering of transregional business processes.

Innovation and change management in the conditions of project management in Asian and African countries.

Operational management and personnel management of a remote foreign company.

Quality and production management, targeting a specific consumer in Asia.

Problems of logistics and transportation in modern crisis conditions.

Growth of corporate culture at subsidiaries and representative offices in the Indo-Pacific Region.

Management of marketing, sales and implementation of products and services with a focus on a specific region.

Financial and investment culture and modern financial trends of the Indo-Pacific Region.

Regional economy of the countries of Asia, Africa and Oceania, use of new opportunities.

Legislative, ethical and socially responsible basis in the business practice of Eastern countries. Management of reputational risks.

Project activity practice in the Asia-Pacific region, from business plan to attracting profitable investments.

Projects and technologies of the future, emerging markets and the practice of their commercialization as part of transregional projects.

Please send these and other separate requests that you think may be related to our competence in helping the development and cultivation of your projects to our main service email ip-sbi@setare-orientalis.com

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