What are the stages of your programs for my personal development and business? And what are their advantages?

We build work in 3 main stages:

Stage 1.
The listener leaves an application for a module of interest to him and passes a free presentation cycle of the selected program with consulting from the Training Division. We also help you choose the specialization you need and focus your training on the desired result.

Stage 2.
Learning at the student’s chosen pace. At this stage, there is a conceptual and instrumental preparation for further independent work of the listneners on their projects and life cycles in the chosen plan.

Stage 3.
Consulting of listeners projects.
We do not leave our graduates alone with personal and business challenges in today’s era of globalization and intense changes in the social and business environment. At the end of the second stage (at least one of the training modules), we move on to selecting and advising clients on various regionally oriented markets, regions and areas of activity, due to the pronounced influence of a different from usual native cultural environment. As a rule, we accompany our graduates from 6 months to six months, depending on the mission and development goals. Counseling takes place in the form of workshops, interactive conference dialogues, and practical lectures aimed at solving specific problems at a chosen pace.

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