I would like to set aside time for individual study, but I don’t know where to start and I am afraid of the new, difficult, distant and unknown. Tell me, please, how I should properly organize the educational process?

Starting something new can really seem like a certain way out of the usual comfort zone, but you have a dream, which means, along with it, a goal with a number of difficult tasks.

Our task is to help you cope with them as soon as possible, building a bridge to the unknown and unfamiliar through familiarity not only with the distant cultures of the East, but also with the mentality of the specific construction of a number of vital processes: business, harmonizing the environment with the surrounding world, personal development, normalization of relations in the international field, quality management of changes and innovations in one’s own life, even a successful choice of daily meditative practices and elements of a healthy lifestyle, borrowed from distant civilizational oikumenes, which will only contribute to overcoming stressors and challenges in your life.

Do not be afraid of the new, but thank fate for the possibility of unique transformations in key areas of life for you without borders and adaptively to the way that people of your interest can think or act.

By leaving a request for the desired course or writing us a letter directly for a specific specific training within the framework of our competences, we will be able to choose a schedule of growth and work on the integration of your projects that is convenient for you.

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