Do you have a list of specialties or markets for which your programs could be particularly interesting?

First of all, it is management and all structurally forming departments of corporate body. This also applies to entrepreneurs and especially to staff who are delegated the functions of working with markets in the countries of Asia, Africa and Oceania.

With regard to the markets of goods and services, it can be any popular or innovative direction: from medicine, jurisprudence and financial services to smart city infrastructure and climate control systems – in fact, any directions whose business models require importation, integration or entry into a consolidated and an economic, business and socio-cultural space different from the European one.

We start from the mission of the project or the direction of work, the updated indicators of the changing regionally determined environment and the results of the previous strategies of our listeners or clients.

In parallel with the standard course, we carry out a thorough assessment of current issues and continuously monitor the development and adaptation process of the trainees. It is the first training period that helps us build high-quality regional consulting directly in the process of active interaction.

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