Career Training & Coaching for Interpreters & Multilanguage Specialists

People in many countries are born in a bilingual environment. The vast majority of the world’s population today either considers at least 2 languages their mother tongue or communicates fluently in different languages in their country. 60% of these people connect their language skills professionally as a means of communication and 40% use these skills in the context of translation activities or acting as translators in business meetings and negotiating in trade and service companies.

The main problem and challenges of these people are some of the common difficulties in using intercultural communication for career and dialogue purposes. Also, against the background of numerous ideological differences against the background of changing the picture of the world, it is often difficult to determine in which direction to interpret the facts, changes in the environment and human behavior in the process of intercultural communication.

Ukrainian School of Oriental Linguistics and Conference Interpretation (OLCIT) provides practical, theoretical and post-qualification training of students and listeners in the field of translation & interpretation activities, especially oral communication with an emphasis on the conversion of modern international information from Oriental languages into a mother tongue and back to the foreign tongue. In most of our programs we use English as an intermediate training language, hence we expect that all our listeners have sufficient knowledge of English that will enable them to work on all of our courses.

The new course of “Career Training & Coaching for Interpreters & Multilanguage Specialists” presupposes training listeners in the 3 following modules:

Online classroom practice: online zoom practical interactive individual or group sessions

Self practice: home-task based course advancement exercises & the speakerโ€™s toolkit deployment

Exam: upon the completion of each module for certification (A, B, C, D grade system by 100 point-scale to be indicated in the certification)

Certification: Electronic & Printed Certificate of Completion (sent by mail)

Recommendations: 2 Letters of Recommendation provided (1 on behalf of OLCI TRAINING (UA) , 1 on behalf of ECOHAB for further career advancement).

Bonuses: Guaranteed 10% discount for all next courses, +free participation in all our public lectures, workshops & events

Consultations and information support contact: