All programs and activities of our ะกenter, as well as communication with partner projects and areas in various fields, are coordinated with the help of customer support free inclusive service.

The operating hours of the center and the main contacts are indicated at the top of the site. In addition, you can contact us in the most convenient way related to the chosen program, since every question and inquiry of yours is important to us and we will definitely consider it depending on the competence, urgency and complexity of your request.

The standard format of information and coordination support is as follows, observing which you will help us and yourself effectively interact with us within the framework of your chosen program:

Step 1: First inquiry

Please wait for an answer, remembering that none of your requests will pass our close attention in the administration of work with clients.

Step 2: Consulting

Depending on the specifics of one or more of the services we provide, requested by us, our management needs 2-3 days of working time to process your application and prepare the information you need in a quality manner. We will advise you step by step on all stages of programs and stages of working with us.

Step 3: Program Formalization

Depending on the program you have chosen, our incorporated legal service will promptly provide you with contracts of specialized providers you will be working with and invoices for payment for the purchase of services in a convenient mode. For example, the most popular, busy and widespread in our Center are Applied Asia Studies Academics, and Regional Expertise, Oriental Linguistic and Conference Interpretation Training, MBA Education, Business Development and Markets Research, Oriental Coaching, Public & Visiting Lectureship, Business Consulting etc. Thus we will officially prepare for you the process of service provision: it can be either an enterprise of an individual or an entire institution, on the example of a medical clinic or legal company.

Step 4: Receivng the service

On the day after the completion of the program formalization procedure, we will contact you with a notice of the start your program or our service and send you the program schedule, which will be observed by us in accordance with the agreed terms. For the entire period of receiving the service, the client receives full information and coordination support, while communicating with the delegated manager, secretary or client’s department or other person appointed by the client. The completion of each stage of the provision of the service is accompanied by an official notification.

Step 5: Closing the service and post-service

After completing the services and final check on all mutual financial and other service settlements, we ask clients to leave us a review with wishes and recommendations. Within the framework of program and events of ECOHAB Center and all its divisions, you can not only communicate with other clients, exchanging interesting ideas, but you will also be regularly informed about all our events, interesting events and project proposals. Even with the closure of the formal service, our joint journey just begins at this point and we will continuously add every effort to make it bright and unforgettable, being with you throughout the whole program advancement.

We sincerely thank you for your attention to our project!

And now let’s get down on our good mutual Path and always stay in touch!

With faith in your every success and unbelievably precious and happy bridges

Administration of

European Center of Oriental Humanities and Asia Business Development