BMS03 Strategic Decisions and Corporate Governance

In the fierce competition of globalization, in order to be competitive and achieve sustainable development, enterprises must adapt to changes in the environment and make correct and reasonable decisions. However, what is the “right” decision? Is there an “absolutely right” decision? We all know that there are no set rules for the rise and fall of an organization. Behind the ups and downs of well-known domestic and foreign companies, and behind the thrilling business decisions, is there a certain inevitability? Decision-making is related to the survival and development of an enterprise, but the success of a decision not only depends on the decision-making, but also on the effective implementation of the decision.

The course will discuss the objective logic and basic framework of organizational management, help everyone to grasp many management elements in the organization, coordinate the development of the organization, and realize the perfect implementation of decision-making. The course will also discuss corporate governance and control issues faced by group-operated enterprises, and analyze them from multiple perspectives, such as corporate reform, governance structure, strategic control, organizational control, and manager equity incentives, so as to help the top decision-making level of the enterprise to ensure the scientificity of decision-making, effectiveness.

Target students

Chairmans, general managers, presidents & CEO, the top-management decision-making level of the enterprise.

■ The science and art of decision-making

■ Organizational management logic and framework

■ Decision-making and implementation

■ Strategy Map

■ Optimization and innovation

■ Service innovation

■ Concepts and Models of Corporate Governance

■ Group control – mode selection and framework design

■ Incentive issues in corporate governance

■ Evolution and characteristics of corporate governance structures in various countries

■ Manager incentives and stock options

Duration: 22 hours

Certification: YES

Forms of Learning: Interactive Online or Correspondence