In the last few decades, European training programs in various fields and aspects of Oriental Studies have become widespread. As a rule, these programs are of an exclusively academic or qualification nature, training specialists in the system of bilateral and multilateral relations in their countries and states.

That is why modern sinological education has founded the main areas of work of specialists, scientists and practitioners, including businessmen, diplomats etc. Well-known figures of world Sinology take part not only in profile conferences, developments in corporate or foreign policy, scientific progress, work of expert centers, etc. One of the key problems for entrepreneurs in light of the adaptation of business to the authentic realities, values โ€‹โ€‹and mentality of the Chinese is the practical accessibility of Sinology Education for ordinary and not actively involved into relations europeans.

Sinology as a complex of Chinese Studies and China-oriented disciplines combines several areas:

1) Classical Sinology – as a system science and a set of disciplines that reflects the archetype and identity of Chinese civilization and sheds light on the values โ€‹โ€‹and principles of statehood of both ancient and modern Chinese with a view to the future.

2) Contemporary Sinology – as a system of expert discourses that reflect the real state of affairs in Chinese society and modern transformations on the background of ties and cooperation with the West, especially from a professional business standpoint.

3) Authentic Linguistic Sinology is the direction of studying China from language to socio-cultural, economic and other factors that are studied directly through the prism of language by students, pupils, listeners and professionals or entrepreneurs who directly study or want to master it within the applied purpose, but just as the Chinese do in their homeland except for the ideological component.

The program of Sinology Education of our Center aims to acquaint students and listeners with various interesting and original areas of practical, theoretical, applied and business Chinese Studies in order to master various means of communication through introspection and management styles and knowledge of the world and the Universe based on the Chinese paradigm in different humanities.

This project is the first in Europe in the framework of deepening cooperation between European and Chinese entrepreneurs with the assistance of Ukrainian sinologists, whose experience and achievements, along with a vital commitment to the development of relations is simply difficult to overestimate. On the background of rapprochement between Ukraine and the European Union in the conditions of fruitful European integration, our modest wishes for fruitful cooperation with China are reflected in our unique and unprecedented programs that speak the languages โ€‹โ€‹of their time.

We welcome everyone who wants to know and the way of lifelong Sinology.

Believe in Your Growth and Flourishing of Your Path,
Petro Rybalchenko,

The Founder