Setare Orientalis Club

We are glad to welcome you to our international Setare Orientalis Club. Whatever projects await us ahead, and whichever life experience we left far behind us, we will always be united by the pearl of the East. Our Club is a project of creative and aspired recreation. With a bridge of friendship in development and between the distant cultures of the West and the East, in an environment of constant growth and unique lifting opportunities for all its participants.

If you feel unrestrained urges in this direction, you can apply for membership in the Club directly by filling out the form below. And we will contact you precisely in the aspect of your chosen way of understanding your path and being.

The Club also carries a preparatory coach function for professionals in various industries, aimed at developing friendship, cooperation and mutual understanding with the countries of the East.

Despite the fact that individual programs among our members can go at the most symbolic discount rate, which is much lower than the market price of modern similar services, nevertheless, participation in our Club is completely free and allows not only to develop your business in a friendly international environment, but also answer a number of possible difficult questions and situations in your life. It is especially important for us to ensure a worthy role-playing participation of each member of the Club, crowned with their own project achievements, that will be associated with our Center to meet the New Silk Road flotilla.

After all, wherever a tireless caravan passes, there will always be our Eternal Milky Way …

به دنبال طلوع آفتاب لوتوس
Following the Lotus Sunrise

When the East entered me,

وقتی شرق وارد من شد ،

I became like a colorful jade lotus

مثل لوتوس رنگی یشم شدم

Among the streams of the stormy Mekong.

در میان نهرهای طوفانی مکونگ.

All my caravans have passed this wonderful fertile oasis.

تمام کاروان های من از این واحه بارور شگفت انگیز عبور کرده اند.

It is there, beyond the pearl of the Nile.

آنجاست ، فراتر از مروارید نیل.

On the beautiful night of Yalda,

در شب زیبای یلدا ،

We’ll be filled with great joy of standing unity times.

ما از احساس ایستادگی در زمان های وحدت پر از احساس لذت خواهیم شد.

I miss the islanders again

دلم برای جزیره نشین ها دوباره تنگ شده است

We will sail now

ما هم اکنون قایقرانی خواهیم کرد

To Setare Orientalis ,

به ستاره شرق ،

To the East ECOHAB, to the East

به شرق ECOHAB ، به شرق